[Definition]: series of intensified operations to achieve a goal, such as for election, advertisement etc

[Example Sentences]:
1. The next major date in the campaign is likely to be a televised debate March 20.
2. The losses brought the number of Israeli military dead in the Gaza campaign to 18.
3. The two will campaign for six more weeks, and Chicago voters will get their final say on April 7.
4. The plans are a continuation of a campaign that began in late 2012.
5. Mr Trump has financed much of his own campaign putting in about $50m.
6. There are still 26 days left in the campaign as of June 3.
7. Apple says the phrase unfairly references its Think Different campaign, which ran in the 1990s.
8. The fundraising campaign ends June 6.
9. The campaign ended early Saturday after 120 people donated $5,500.
10. The campaign said he had more than 284,000 donors, who gave an average of $35.
11. The campaign has brought in just under $690,000 and counting as of the morning of May 11.

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