[Example Sentences]:
1. I have been in the camp since 2014.
2. If they ever get into this camp I will kill them, he told her.
3. It was not immediately known who owned the camp that was hit.
4. He denied involvement and said his forces at no point entered the camp itself.
5. If there is a conflict even in the camp, one of the individuals just moves.
6. Mohammed and camp staff pointed to a building where a family had been staying this month.
7. The camp quickly became a mini global village with a sense of community.
8. He told CNN he has been transferred back and forth between a labor camp and hospitals.
9. All camp residents are encouraged to take advantage of these amenities.
10. The cards are their passport in and out of a camp, they say.
11. The Hassan camp says it will win over women on the issues alone.
12. How long will we have to camp out again?
13. Those who do remain in the camp could make the situation more perilous for officers.
14. They say the translator in the camp told them they can go anywhere they want to.
15. The mood among those remaining in the camp after the trade was surprisingly normal.

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