[Example Sentences]:
1. The wind was calm but the humidity in the air was at 100%.
2. I think there needs to be a little more calm in this discussion.
3. We are trying to calm things down as best we can.
4. We are working very hard to bring peace and calm back to our city.
5. He said officers were trying to calm the protesters and get them to disperse.
6. It seems they were sent to remove their colleagues and calm the mood.
7. When asked if he understood the charges, he said I do in a calm voice.
8. I am worried about whether they will continue for a long time or whether it will calm down.
9. So make a map of emotions so we can get to a calm state.
10. When asked if he understood each charge, he said I do twice in a calm voice.
11. Could it be just a trial, or the calm before a much bigger storm?
12. People are calm at the moment but the atmosphere is tense.
13. On Friday, an agreement was announced that could calm tensions for the moment.
14. The most successful and listened to participants project an air of calm and certainty.
15. There was a reported meeting between the rival militias overnight to calm recent tensions.


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