[Example Sentences]:
1. His bear case calls for the stock to fall to as low as $8.
2. The plan calls on the state to cut its power plant carbon dioxide emissions in half by 2030.
3. The average estimate of 21 strategists in a Bloomberg survey calls for the index to reach 2,232.
4. So how can this company provide all those calls for free?
5. Being able to actually make phone calls is an important feature for a phone.
6. The White House said the president was making calls and may hit a few balls.
7. This service also allows calls to be made to mobile and fixed phones.
8. The service is also used to make calls and send images and files.
9. The police media office did not answer calls for comment Saturday afternoon.
10. The phone app lets you answer calls right on your wrist.
11. They then made quick phone calls to family members and friends.
12. It said calls had since been restored and that it is working to restore full service.
13. This feature allows calls to an office extension to be received simultaneously on a mobile phone.
14. I get calls every now and then where I sense the situation is a little hinky.
15. You could use it to screen incoming calls or set up meeting reminders. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home