[Example Sentences]:
1. Customers can compare or enroll over the phone by calling 888-383-2111.
2. However, he has faced protests calling for his resignation since 2012.
3. Microsoft came calling in 2007.
4. Just calling to see if this works for you came through perfectly.
5. Whether or not it is will depend on the kind of calling plan you have.
6. They often come under fire and are responsible for calling in air support when needed.
7. The president also is calling for people to wait for facts before making judgments.
8. So I just started picking up the phone and calling people.
9. The groups are calling on law enforcement to press charges against the perpetrator.
10. Some were calling on Obama to hold people accountable for the mistakes.
11. People calling you with important reasons will almost always leave some sort of a message.
12. The gear that had become his calling card was gone.
13. Video calling support between the two platforms is in the works.
14. They are calling on Silicon Valley to do something about it.
15. Investigators are not calling him a suspect in the three killings.

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