[Example Sentences]:
1. Twitter uses its own data source to calculate how many users it has.
2. It takes me hours to calculate the bill every month.
3. The researchers used government data and modeling techniques to calculate their estimates.
4. Or a router may use it to calculate the fastest path through a busy network.
5. It can also calculate your breathing rate from subtle changes in body movement.
6. It can calculate the price based on the type of produce and the quantity they have to sell.
7. We cannot fully calculate the powerful value of that statement.
8. Scientists beam lasers onto the ice below and calculate the time it takes for the signals to return.
9. Ray then monitors flight schedules to calculate when a car should be retrieved for its owner.
10. Rosen also questioned the validity of trying to calculate costs and benefits so far into the future.
11. Orbital Insight can calculate how much oil is in the world, for example.
12. Engineers calculate everything that could go wrong and why.

[Antonyms]guess, risk, chance

[Synonyms]number, reckon, sumup © 2020  Terms of Use | Home