[Example Sentences]:
1. If you purchased a Spark prior to that, the cable will cost $28.
2. Construction of the cable will start in August 2016 and is expected to be completed in October 2017.
3. Other World Computing on Friday started selling a 30-meter Thunderbolt 2 optical cable for $899.
4. The problem is that the cable companies own content the telephone companies do not.
5. He also noted that the cable itself is only one piece of the puzzle.
6. You then run an optical digital audio cable from the TV to the soundbar.
7. If you need to transfer data almost any cable will do.
8. Many of these cable companies already have such deals in place.
9. This is cable all over again, except for a mobile and global audience.
10. So far big cable companies are keeping quiet about their plans to move into the wireless market.
11. If we were truly doing away with the cable box, I needed something more robust.
12. A small cable runs between each of those ports to connect them together.
13. This is a threat to the lucrative video business of the cable company.
14. You would get local stations and a few cable stations.
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