[Example Sentences]:
1. For some of the profitable businesses, market valuations have reached the levels seen in 2000.
2. As a result, the topic is one of the highest priorities facing businesses and regulators in 2015.
3. Yet Microsoft still faces a battle in wooing large businesses with Windows 10.
4. He entered the smart TV businesses in 2013 and the smartphone market in 2015.
5. In addition, 75 percent of businesses revealed increases in their external IT spending in 2013.
6. Last spring, eBay gave new projections for all its businesses from 2013 through 2015.
7. In total, it has sold or closed 54 businesses since 2011.
8. This is something Microsoft does every day of the week with other businesses in other categories.
9. This is good news for the businesses that use social media.
10. They work with industry groups or specific businesses in their area.
11. The new rules would provide an easier way for those businesses to operate legally.
12. More companies are running most or all of their businesses using public cloud services.
13. There is also a free plan for businesses with three or fewer support agents. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home