[Example Sentences]:
1. The bureau has extended the deadline to fill out the form until September 23.
2. The bureau expects to fully operational in 2015.
3. Not only that, the bureau said the likelihood of a shortage through 2021 is no greater than 33%.
4. The bureau of investigation did not respond to requests for comment.
5. Yet the following week, another bureau report came out that shed more light on that forecast.
6. The bureau has not said who made the allegations.
7. The weather bureau said wind caused by the storm this week could be strong enough to blow away cars.
8. If you find anything that is not accurate, dispute the listing with the bureau that is reporting it.
9. August is the month when the bureau safely makes it prediction for water levels for the coming year.
10. The bureau recommends applying for a mortgage from at least three lenders before selecting a loan.
11. The bureau is in charge of stopping people from committing crimes, he said.
12. A spokesman for the bureau declined to comment.
13. There has been a concerted effort to weaken the bureau, she said of the ATF and its agents.

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