[Example Sentences]:
1. This article has been updated a bunch of times since its original debut in 2011.
2. That said, a bunch of new features, many of them somewhat minor, did make it into Update 1.
3. They just kind of made up a bunch of stuff that I found kind of hurtful.
4. The two companies have already conducted a bunch of experiments together over the past year.
5. This will let you capture a bunch of photos by holding down the shutter button.
6. If you get a bunch of people moving in sometimes that takes a bit to catch up.
7. At this point, you have a bunch of sensors and devices talking to one another.
8. We can then watch a whole bunch of behavior patterns from their signs.
9. It feels like I live around a bunch of idiots.
10. We get a whole bunch of good data from them.
11. They took my hard disk and a bunch of USB drives.
12. A bunch of friends from college had started companies by then.
13. Here are a bunch and some words to go with them.
14. Here are a bunch of Google Chrome tips that will make your day easier and life more productive.
15. Analytics is where IoT goes from being just a bunch of data to information of value.
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