[Example Sentences]:
1. Another 2 percentage point bump is scheduled for October 2015.
2. That matched 2007's increase as the largest bump up since 1998.
3. He got a bump on the back of his head I mean we called the mom.
4. We know there is going to be a bump in the road.
5. Now we are seeing a little bump in what we had predicted.
6. Most experts say iPhone sales will get another bump when Apple releases new models this fall.
7. A short while later it returned to Earth with a bump in a field full of sheep.
8. To keep students on task, teachers will be able to bump posts to the top of their streams.
9. This will bump up the exposure by a preset amount above what the camera is reading.
10. They are more likely to bump into each other.
11. Those will bump up the price, which is already considerable.
12. In this age of challenging corporate profits, a little bump to the bottom line can go a long way.
13. Want a way to bump it up a notch?
14. The page showed the bump in usage almost immediately.
15. The app lets users bump phones, and emits a warning alarm if they are closely related.
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