[Example Sentences]:
1. In other markets, net bullish bets on gasoline declined 4 percent to 23,963.
2. We are extremely bullish on the Indian market and see tremendous potential here.
3. We are in year three in the presidential cycle, and there are few patterns as bullish as this one.
4. Investors took that as a bullish sign and pushed prices higher.
5. Many analysts who track OpenStack are bullish on the project.
6. Microsoft is already bullish about artificial intelligence AI in the corporate world.
7. Whatever direction it does choose, analysts agree it needs to be more bullish about it.
8. There are plenty of reasons to doubt the bullish case.
9. Capital Markets struck a bullish tone, saying the stock still has room to grow.
10. Analysts nevertheless remain bullish on the company in the long term.
11. Some of the bullish bets on the outlook for bitcoin seem absurd on their face.
12. Ask me anything and I can tell you why its bullish like none other, or the yacht is on me.
13. So far, analysts are sticking with their bullish recommendations.
14. Still, economists remain bullish about hiring despite the slowdown in growth.
15. Not everyone is bullish on M A prospects.
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