[Example Sentences]:
1. The vendors will provide the bulk of the update work as part of the subscription.
2. It also used a similar strategy to bulk up its iPhone offerings.
3. That would mean that the bulk of the market would remain in the hands of illegal commercial growers.
4. They re also not cheaper unless you buy in bulk either due to shipping costs.
5. Nobody wants a lens case that adds unnecessary bulk and weight to their device.
6. Its technology would let ad agencies buy ads in bulk, possibly for thousands of advertisers.
7. That legislation would end the bulk collection of telephone data.
8. Each new deal puts pressure on smaller rivals to bulk up.
9. This may have permitted the enormous bulk that many dinosaur species attained.
10. Look for lenses that say white box or bulk packaging.
11. Other senators have questioned whether the current bulk collection program helps catch terrorists.
12. Images were gathered in bulk rather than only from existing targets, according to the report.
13. The bulk of those vest if certain financial targets are met.
14. Republicans, after all, will provide the bulk of the support for anything he hopes to accomplish.

[Antonyms]portion, section, atom

[Synonyms]magnitude, size, volume
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