[Example Sentences]:
1. That means it and Philae were designed and built in the 1990s.
2. Honda has built most of its vehicles overseas since 1998.
3. We built a lot more in 2014.
4. He also revealed that the Help to Buy scheme for newly built homes would be extended to 2020.
5. The mosque was built around 1172.
6. After all, the best cars were built between the years of 1974 and 2001.
7. This satellite was built in the mid 90s.
8. The prison houses more than 1,800 men and women in a compound originally built for 700.
9. The recall affects about 2,700 vehicles built before March 26.
10. In part that was because of the security the company built into them.
11. There are also some new features built into the updated look of the software.
12. This will be going on even as design engineers work on what will be built here.
13. Some of those phones have been built for the neighboring Chinese market.
14. A big reason for that is the camera built into the band.
15. That must be some computer they built in that garage.
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