[Example Sentences]:
1. This particular brush comes out in January 2015.
2. Now tap the gear icon next to it to call up the brush controls.
3. He and his family have been fighting brush fires since Thursday, getting little sleep.
4. As she did, she felt her foot brush across something on the floor.
5. He performed two to three surgeries a week to brush up his skill.
6. The filter brush lets you paint areas to be included or excluded from the overall effect.
7. They remove brush, trees and anything that might burn in the direction of homes and cities.
8. It might be best to just keep that antique brush off your face.
9. Siri needs to brush up on her security.
10. Most of them seem to brush her off.
11. This is also the reason why no motorized brush head is included.
12. This belt pushes and pulls the brush to make it spin.
13. Their bones are small and not easily seen in the brush, Baker said.
14. The filter brush keeps the mountains snow white shown here with the mask visible in red.
15. Every day I see that vision of her laying in the brush and sticks and she was looking up at me.

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