[Definition]: past tense and past participle of bring, carry with, cause to happen

[Example Sentences]:
1. This brought on the second phase, which is what I call private cloud 2.0.
2. She noted on the call that native advertising brought in about half a billion dollars in 2015.
3. The losses brought the number of Israeli military dead in the Gaza campaign to 18.
4. That brought the total number of targets hit to 750.
5. Four more bodies were brought to shore on Sunday, raising the total to 34.
6. The firm said that the show brought in some $126 million in revenue in 2015.
7. That increase brought American and NATO troop strength to a peak in 2011 of about 140,000.
8. Churchill was brought back in an air ambulance and died some months later on January 24 1965.
9. The group brought in $25 billion in revenue in 2014.
10. The campaign has brought in just under $690,000 and counting as of the morning of May 11.
11. The sea cow was brought to South Florida Museum as an 11-month-old calf in 1949.
12. The $150 cut brought the price of the Surface RT with 32 gigabytes of memory to $349.
13. It was never in my head that it would be brought up as an issue.
14. It is one of the few times any TV show has ever been brought back from cancellation. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home