[Example Sentences]:
1. For example, Apple will fix a broken iPhone screen for about $110-$130.
2. By comparison, ground was broken on just 29 plants throughout the ’90s.
3. Or widgets that worked from iOS 4 through iOS 6 but was broken in iOS 7.
4. That amount is broken down into a $50 Best Buy gift card and a $150 coupon off a Surface Pro 3.
5. Those features have been broken down into much more specific elements.
6. The business model is broken and has been broken for more than a decade.
7. It appears from the evidence that the law was broken by him, not by the airline.
8. It will be the first time Apple has broken away from a dual phone lineup.
9. A working gift a day late is better than a broken gift on time.
10. The court has broken up the trial into three parts.
11. A man is seen reaching through the broken glass to open the locked door.
12. Yet race times are not the only records being broken here this year.
13. Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed.
14. Authorities said he had broken the law by sharing the cartoon.
15. The game is broken into three days of real-time.


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