[Example Sentences]:
1. And though online sales are brisk, business at her three mall stores has begun to slow.
2. Microsoft has been scooping up productivity software companies at a brisk pace for the past several years.
3. Even as Uber continues to grow, spending remains brisk, and the company is not making money.
4. Last month the company experimented with a brief sale of Glass, which apparently resulted in brisk sales.
5. There was brisk bidding for copies of Charlie Hebdo on Internet auction sites.
6. Data collection is a brisk business these days.
7. Apple Watch sales are so brisk that many analysts predict that Apple will have to increase watch output to keep up with demand.
8. The ploy worked and business continues to be brisk, he said.
9. To be more specific, sales are brisk for screens that are 4.75 inches.

[Antonyms]slow, heavy, dull

[Synonyms]lively, quick, vivacious © 2020  Terms of Use | Home