[Definition]: an violation, infringement; an crack, rupture; to violate, to break through

[Example Sentences]:
1. Uber did not disclose the breach to drivers or the public until February 2015.
2. The company that collects the most breach data, Verizon, saw a significant spike in 2014.
3. The breach was discovered on May 5.
4. The breach happened in May 2014 and was discovered by Uber in September 2014.
5. This year could breach the $150 million mark, an almost 100-fold increase from 2003.
6. He is due in court Tuesday on charges of breach of peace and criminal trespass.
7. He added that bodies recovered so far would have come out with a breach in the fuselage.
8. No health data or financial information was included in the breach, the company said.
9. Consumers have been on edge since news of the data breach broke last month.
10. The Minnesota department said there had been no breach of its own computer systems.
11. The eBay breach is the latest in a series of attacks targeting customer data.
12. An investigation into the breach is still going on.

[Antonyms]integrity, wholeness, fiawlessness

[Synonyms]break, rupture, opening © 2020  Terms of Use | Home