[Example Sentences]:
1. An ambitious plan to map the human brain came into focus in 2013.
2. The brain tumor was removed in an operation in 2008.
3. Which is just another way of saying you have all the brain cancer right now.
4. No dinosaur has ever been found to have a second brain for that matter.
5. This is when you normally start to see some brain shrinkage.
6. In such cases, the brain is beginning to believe the user is in the game.
7. When it comes to the brain, the results are more ambiguous.
8. Scientists have found that dogs use the same brain areas as humans to process language.
9. The harder the hit is, the more the brain is going to move.
10. It goes through my brain like a big old recording.
11. The human brain is still the best at decision-making.
12. They trick your brain into thinking that sound is coming from specific locations in the environment.
13. This is not the first time that IBM has focused Watson on brain cancer research.
14. The field traditionally has been the domain of those who can access brain science labs.
15. The brain has a huge advantage on us in terms of hardware. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home