[Example Sentences]:
1. Italy and the Netherlands both saw output drop by 0.2%.
2. Officials with both companies expect the deal to close in the middle of 2016.
3. The correct price for both of those fares is more than $400.
4. China and North Korea were both blamed for attacks targeting South Korea in 2013.
5. He left both companies in the summer of 2006.
6. The boat was being operated by two other girls, both 16.
7. Sales of iPads and Mac computers both dipped in the last three months of 2015.
8. After the announcement, the stocks of both companies soared to their highest levels since 2008.
9. Mercedes and Ford are both promising to put fully driverless vehicles on the road by 2021.
10. On Sunday, they found two additional survivors, both men in their 20s.
11. Cisco was the best performer on both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S P 500.
12. The device, which connects to both AT T and Verizon networks, starts at $200.
13. The sum of both sources will be $724,000.
14. Rival Lyft settled similar charges with both cities and agreed to pay civil penalties of $500,000.
15. For a time he considered his own run for president, in both 2012 and 2016.

[Antonyms]either, each, every

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