[Example Sentences]:
1. So, I mean, they must have thought I was really weird because no one asks to borrow $50.
2. South Africa would have to pay much higher interest rates to borrow money.
3. No longer able to borrow, the government could spend only from its revenue from taxes and fees.
4. That means the government has a lot of capacity to borrow money and bail out troubled borrowers.
5. If you do decide to borrow this way, plan to pay back the money within a year or two.
6. The government must constantly borrow because its spending has long exceeded its revenue.
7. Not all agree that Americans are in a position to borrow and spend more.
8. Just before dinner the other day, one neighbor stopped by to borrow some garlic.
9. Under certain circumstances, they can borrow money to invest in property and equities.
10. Some people wanted to borrow a laptop.
11. I am in debt already, but now I need to borrow more on top of that to be able to go away.
12. The glasses wirelessly connect to the Dash and borrow the earbuds to handle all the processing.
13. By far, though, the best way to avoid having to borrow heavily to pay for college is to plan ahead.
14. Once the they hit 50 all they need to do is return some to borrow more.
15. Since I can, and have capacity to borrow money, I should utilize it.


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