[Example Sentences]:
1. He ruled through the beginning of its economic boom until his assassination in 1979.
2. It was followed by the bust and then the subsequent market boom, which ended in 2007.
3. The lines started blurring during the onset of the Internet boom in the late 1990s.
4. The home construction boom peaked in 2006.
5. It appeared as if the boom had been pushed back into the sub.
6. The oil boom has brought tens of thousands of people into the area looking for work.
7. The rules were made before the digital revolution and before the boom in variable renewable energy.
8. A boom in this area will come soon.
9. Economists believe a domestic energy boom will help to narrow the trade gap further this year.
10. The city benefited greatly during the boom days, from restaurants to retail.
11. After hearing a loud boom, several neighbors ran toward the airport and saw the fire.
12. The plane disappeared into the smoke and you heard a boom, he told The Associated Press by phone.
13. You can do this by wrapping them around the boom and securing them with tie wraps.
14. Facebook is tapping into the mobile boom, as well.
15. Change a margin and boom the margin is changed right before your eyes. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home