[Example Sentences]:
1. It turns out that only five times have they delivered a blow of 30%.
2. Dark and ominous clouds are about to blow in over Mount Election 2018.
3. We want to blow that up and make it easy for people to try things.
4. When you want to use it, just blow it up with your mouth.
5. It was the second blow to the Islamic State in Syria in a week.
6. Even cultural differences between team members can blow up quickly if people are feeling the strain.
7. This act was a blow against the dark forces of terrorism and obscurantism.
8. Nobody can say for certain when the wind will blow or the sun will shine.
9. That would be a blow to consumers, say supporters of the enhanced labeling.
10. It was a blow to the betting markets and to the pollsters.
11. The failure to capture and hold Kobani was a major blow to the extremists.
12. Every minute the network or the site is down is a blow to productivity, he said.
13. Still, this is by no means a game you can expect to just blow through.
14. With it, managers can be alerted to potential issues before they can blow up into real problems.
15. If we wait, a critical system could blow up at the worst possible moment.

[Antonyms]kelief, comfort, blessing

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