[Example Sentences]:
1. Though Toshiba blew past both with scores of 2,198 and 2, 771.
2. The story blew up online along with pictures on social media from the party.
3. Three of them died as a bus packed with explosives blew up at a roadblock.
4. Most of them will be success stories, but there will also be others about projects that blew up.
5. In San Francisco last week, Zuckerberg said the government blew it on the spy programs.
6. He says the attackers arrived at the airport in a taxi and blew themselves up after opening fire.
7. The suicide bomber blew himself up after they stopped him from entering the church.
8. Soldiers said some buildings blew up after being hit by gunfire from all the explosives inside.
9. A chilly mist blew in from the north and visibility dropped from 10 miles to 4 miles to 2.
10. It blew his arm almost entirely off his body.
11. So we tried, but people just blew us off.
12. The Nazis blew it up and burned the town to the ground.
13. The car bomb that began the attack blew the roofs off the restaurant and other nearby buildings.
14. One of the attackers blew himself up, he added.
15. The second teen appeared to run away and blew up further away, killing only herself, he said. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home