[Example Sentences]:
1. The average beta of the stocks on this list is just 0.44.
2. The last time Apple offered a public beta was in 2000.
3. This startup was launched in private beta in February this year, and went live in September 2013.
4. The app came out in beta in 2006 and was officially launched in 2009.
5. The app is in beta only for residents of Columbus, Ohio, and was first unveiled in 2012.
6. You can tap the heart icon to indicate news articles that you like in the News app in iOS 9 beta 3.
7. Firefox 38, currently in beta, is scheduled to debut May 12.
8. The social app will be available as a beta on iOS and support Facebook and Twitter first.
9. It might not even be at the level of beta software.
10. The Safari release comes after a three and a half month beta period.
11. Some applications and services may not work properly with the beta software.
12. The new service is in beta mode at the moment and only available in three cities.
13. They will only be available for a select few beta testers.
14. What to do if you want to try the software without relying on a beta every day.
15. The beta version of the service has already delivered over a trillion messages to users. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home