[Example Sentences]:
1. Meanwhile, the 27,793 unaccompanied children is just beneath the record pace set in 2014.
2. You know where the wheels are and can feel everything beneath you.
3. There have long been tensions not far beneath the surface.
4. TV footage showed her hiding her face beneath a hoodie.
5. That big shock beneath the earth causes a lot of disturbance.
6. Most of the victims were policemen, many of whom were buried beneath the debris.
7. The number is expected to grow, as bodies buried beneath the rubble are recovered.
8. The most interesting parts of the planet may be the seas hiding beneath the ice.
9. The land beneath the building was purchased from a separate, unnamed owner.
10. The results can end up beneath floor-coverings.
11. Two huge radio telescopes have given scientists a rare look beneath the surface of the moon.
12. Press T to activate the Type tool, click beneath your photo and add some text.
13. Everything is underground including maintenance, loading it is all beneath the surface.
14. A parking garage was constructed beneath the building for energy efficiency.
15. The gang members beneath them should know.

[Antonyms]above, over, aloft

[Synonyms]below, under, underneath © 2020  Terms of Use | Home