[Example Sentences]:
1. My new and much stronger benchmark numbers were achieved with firmware version
2. The current set of benchmark interest rates has been in effect since July 2012.
3. The benchmark index of stocks extended its decline to a sixth day and the lowest since April 2014.
4. Both scores were above the industry benchmark of 19.
5. The US central bank has kept its benchmark borrowing costs near record lows since 2008.
6. On Tuesday, the benchmark index rebounded by almost 2%.
7. It reached 3.05 percent on May 17, the lowest level for a benchmark of that maturity since 2009.
8. The yen is among the currencies that Chinese authorities use as a benchmark for the yuan.
9. That would leave the benchmark rate at a level Fed officials regard as neutral.
10. According to the European Central Bank, we have put in place the benchmark for the industry.
11. Now everybody has to reach the benchmark we set.
12. It is a benchmark that banks use to set home equity lines of credit and credit card rates. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home