[Example Sentences]:
1. It paid the wholesale price for some books, but started selling them below cost at $9.99.
2. Samsung says it can handle temperatures well below 0.
3. Demand is healthy, but slightly below where demand was for the iPhone 5.
4. All tables below assume a take rate of 100%.
5. Some smartphones are starting to push below $20.
6. We are united by youth two thirds of India and Africa are below 35.
7. It was the first time that reported claims were below 300,000 since 2007.
8. In February and March, he was alarmed to see that drop below $3,000.
9. Under the deal, the country will aim to slow inflation to below 10 percent by 2016.
10. The Dow Jones Industrial Average slipped to finish below 19,900.
11. Yet after a year as a public company its stock remains roughly 40% below its offering price of $38.
12. The average price of a barrel of oil has dropped below $56 from a summer high of $107.
13. It stood below $1 trillion before the first round of bond purchases in 2008.
14. Sales are still nearly 16 percent below the 8,978 average sales for April going back to 1988.
15. The company closed at $19.81 about 17 percent below its IPO price of $24.


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