[Example Sentences]:
1. Six more are in the works and will appear beginning in early 2015.
2. The Galaxy Gear will be available beginning late September for around $299.
3. The proposed laws would apply to phones sold from the beginning of 2015.
4. He ruled through the beginning of its economic boom until his assassination in 1979.
5. She began to transition into a role as junior investing partner beginning in 2010.
6. Toshiba later said it overstated profits beginning in the business year through March 2009.
7. The study models relied on emissions cuts beginning in 2015.
8. Twitter said video tweets have increased by over 50 percent since the beginning of 2016.
9. The hearing aid will cost roughly $3,000 and be launched globally in the beginning of 2014.
10. Airborne Division, he helped lead operations in eastern Afghanistan for 15 months beginning in 2007.
11. Miix2 ships later this month beginning at approximately $299.


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