[Example Sentences]:
1. IBM will begin making its Watson technology available to developers in 2014.
2. The review will begin this month and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2018.
3. Some accounts start out quite large but others begin with just that initial $5.
4. It has said it would begin customer deliveries in late 2017.
5. The companies hope to begin road tests of the vehicles as early as 2017.
6. Construction on the data center is expected to begin in 2016.
7. If the trial continues as scheduled, closing arguments in the trial should begin May 23.
8. His trial is scheduled to begin in February 2014.
9. Customers can begin signing up for the promotion on July 19.
10. Commercial services are expected to begin before 2020.
11. Now, on Wednesday, technology firms can begin work to release products with Bluetooth 5.
12. The Fire Phone will begin shipping on July 25.
13. Xiaomi is slated to begin delivering the first batch on August 12.
14. This offer will begin on September 16.
15. It said production should begin in 2020.


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