[Example Sentences]:
1. No major problems have been reported with 8.1.1.
2. Those concerns have been number two or three on the list since 2011.
3. It had been in use by the Italian police since 2004.
4. The date has been the biggest online shopping day of the year since 2010.
5. Mozilla has a search revenue deal with Google that has been renewed multiple times since 2005.
6. The company has been using this feature on Search and Maps since 2014.
7. The idea has been developed since it was first understood in the 1980s.
8. It had been more than a month since Apple stock closed above $100.
9. The currency has been fixed at about the same rate since the 1980s.
10. This was the first time the species had been spotted since 1948.
11. In the federal court system, just four people have been executed since 1963.
12. The most recent effort in tablets had been made by Gates and Microsoft in 2002.
13. The company has been making large investments in wind power for its data centers since 2010.
14. He has been in his current position there since 2008.
15. The measure has been put off until at least 2016. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home