[Example Sentences]:
1. Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft will become top five overall storage vendors by 2017.
2. How many companies predict that smartphones will go away and eventually become glasses by 2022?
3. New York would become the first state to extend broadband to every household in the state by 2018.
4. Most of the new products and services will become available by the end of the year or in early 2016.
5. The phone should become available through Verizon on September 12.
6. It is expected to become law July 1.
7. His passion for exploration led him to become an astronaut, and he joined NASA in 1966.
8. The hybrid will become available on June 11 starting at $679.99.
9. Iran did not become an Islamic republic until 1979.
10. It will become Uber 2.0.
11. He said only 170 similar pieces of legislation have become law since 1983.
12. Little surprise, then, that ransomware has become the security threat of the 2016.
13. Some girls become wives as early as 9.
14. He steadily rose to become assistant treasurer in 2004.
15. The updated Stream 11 will become available starting on August 24.

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