[Example Sentences]:
1. On the surface, this may seem like a good deal because the retail price is $120.
2. He was freed because the state criminal code does not prosecute minors younger than 14.
3. One reason servicing cars is so lucrative is because dealers mark up parts by as much as 80%.
4. So, I mean, they must have thought I was really weird because no one asks to borrow $50.
5. It murdered him because of $21.
6. Thursday because it was designed to be easier for outside developers to build on.
7. The world needs to do something now because soon it will be too late.
8. In part that was because of the security the company built into them.
9. He told me this is different because we have been through a lot of floods.
10. We need customers to move off of it because of the security.

[Antonyms]yet, notwithstanding, however

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