[Example Sentences]:
1. You can then download the app and beam photos directly to their photo kiosk.
2. All of the television components live inside that bar and beam programming to the screen.
3. In this case, the laser system will beam an Internet signal to the plane from the ground.
4. The beam then reflects back in the same direction it came from and passes through a beam splitter.
5. It uses an infrared laser beam to measure the distance to the subject.
6. It was later joined by the second beam, in parallel.
7. Now, they can beam that information across several miles.
8. Its round top is meant to beam wireless connectivity in all directions to enhance its coverage area.
9. Plus, finding a way to aim the laser beam across millions of miles of space is no small task.
10. As the warm rays beam down upon you, you begin to wonder what you might have been.
11. To beam Internet to everyone on the planet.
12. Scientists beam lasers onto the ice below and calculate the time it takes for the signals to return.
13. After the beam is widened, it hits a device called a spatial light modulator.
14. Think of how the beam from a flashlight starts small and then expands to illuminate an entire wall.
15. It shoots up the metal beam and into the sky, circling the airspace above.


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