[Example Sentences]:
1. Hotel prices in this beach community are aimed at the 1%.
2. He said he found himself on a remote beach early the next morning.
3. Do you have a favorite beach you go to where no one else goes?
4. It blocks the view of the beach and the ocean.
5. The bodies were reportedly found by employees at a beach resort nearby.
6. We decided to go to the beach to celebrate the last day.
7. The VR groups either got to explore a beach or navigate a city.
8. Then, the windows were shot out at the family beach house.
9. People who pay for a beach badge should not pay for our community center.
10. I used to spend hours on the beach just watching her float at anchor.
11. Some whales returned to the beach after being led into deeper water.
12. The attack sent him running from the beach into the hotel, crying out for his wife to take cover.
13. Take this camcorder to any old beach and your friends may think you traveled to paradise.
14. It was a good beach day, at least.
15. Police also evacuated a nearby beach popular with tourists.

[Antonyms]ocean, sea, deep

[Synonyms]shore, strand, margin © 2020  Terms of Use | Home