[Example Sentences]:
1. The base price for a new iPhone without a contract is $650.
2. The launch of platforms as a new base of competitive advantage will accelerate in 2014.
3. In the previous quarter, however, the user base grew by 6.3%.
4. The Navy expects the main road into the base to be underwater for two or three hours a day by 2040.
5. The position comes with a base salary of $183,300.
6. The survey determined that the median base salary in Santa Clara County is $112,000.
7. For budget buyers, that one configuration is unfortunately the base model, which remains at $799.
8. The iPhone SE, while not cheap, has a base price of $399.
9. In ERP, Oracle said its cloud installed base is 1,100.
10. The base model is $1,299.
11. The base standing desk costs $699, with additional components starting at around $250.
12. The Model 3 is expected to be about half the cost of a Model S, which has a base price of $70,000.
13. The device costs $349 for a base model, while a luxury gold version will go for $10,000.
14. Sony also announced a new, slimmer version of its base model of PlayStation 4.
15. Her base salary totaled $411,538.

[Antonyms]noble, honored, exalted

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