[Example Sentences]:
1. Leading the way will be investment banks and brokerage houses, whose earnings are seen surging 40%.
2. There will have to be more reforms in China for banks to start outperforming.
3. A few banks work with the industry but do so quietly and risk prosecution.
4. The banks try to place shares with investors who plan to hold onto the stock.
5. The way in which banks have traditionally engaged customers has put them at a disadvantage.
6. He suspects many of these banks will have to raise capital over the next five years.
7. The big banks were seen as too big either to fail or to jail.
8. This limits the ability of these banks to do new business.
9. Apple Pay is supported by more banks than the Samsung and Android wallets.
10. It was sufficient for British banks and police to put out a warning.
11. We will try to obtain the written order on Sunday when banks reopen.
12. The government is not going to allow any of the big banks to fail, he added.
13. Apple started negotiating with at least eight major Chinese banks last year.
14. Having a lot of capital is crucial for banks to be sound.
15. The banks are also taking advantage of publicly available information about individuals. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home