[Example Sentences]:
1. The backup failed April 11.
2. This new approach to cloud backup is working out well for customers.
3. A backup can allow consumers and businesses to recover data without paying a ransom.
4. An airline might have chosen not to protect itself with a backup system.
5. The latest development allows investigators to access an iCloud backup without those credentials.
6. A secondary or backup person also should be listed for each member.
7. We always have to make sure backup is there, he said.
8. I had a backup, so I was not in a panic.
9. It would also serve as a backup or alternative should the printed version go missing.
10. For example, say you use Facebook as your backup code for your bank.
11. You can then restore that backup onto your new phone during the setup process.
12. This gives you the ability to point the output from your backup to cloud instead of tape.
13. Most digital cameras come with a battery, but a backup can be a real lifesaver.
14. There are lots of those, but the Microsoft backup system was free.
15. When that happens it would have been faster to use a backup to rebuild the data. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home