[Example Sentences]:
1. So far there have been no signs of public backlash to the campaign.
2. To say that the post resulted in a strong industry backlash would be an understatement.
3. With added government measures we do not expect as severe a backlash as the market.
4. Many are also frustrated that anyone might think they do, and a backlash has already begun.
5. Uber faced immediate backlash after it launched its California testing in San Francisco last week.
6. A freeze on cooperation will spur a serious backlash against the international space program.
7. Goodman says some backlash on social media has put him on the defense.
8. Whether the recent fires are part of a backlash to the national mood since Charleston is unclear.
9. The protests have been generally peaceful, but backlash has been ugly.
10. Silicon Valley is risking a backlash that will not do anyone any good.
11. After a backlash, the administration offered an accommodation in February to employers who object.
12. The move triggered a backlash over how Facebook was censoring images.
13. It seemed like a national backlash, and people mobilized almost immediately.
14. Raising prices is likely to generate a strong public backlash, however.
15. In the ensuing backlash, some conservative Muslims called for his execution. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home