[Example Sentences]:
1. South Africa provides an exciting backdrop as we look to expand our research efforts in the region.
2. The legal ruling on Wednesday barely referred to the bloody backdrop of the drug war.
3. By many measures, this election is far removed from the backdrop four years ago.
4. Your Mini lives in a box, and you can decide which backdrop best shows off its features.
5. To win against this backdrop, we have to lead which requires investing now.
6. That was the backdrop in which I grew up.
7. The backdrop of Austin is the perfect setting for it.
8. More important, the bill comes against a backdrop of growing Latino political power.
9. Such discussions about privacy can feel strained against the backdrop of technological change.
10. The video shows her crew dancing around her against a backdrop of purple and blue lights.
11. However, this has been against the backdrop of theft rates decreasing for a number of years.
12. The backdrop to these crisis talks is bleak.
13. Against that backdrop, it is hard to imagine that any winners emerged.
14. Against this backdrop, the technical price action remains a useful cross check.
15. Against that backdrop, short interest is growing in the stock. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home