verb transitive

[Definition]: try, make an effort to

[Example Sentences]:
1. The first attempt at encryption was provided with iPhone OS 3.
2. Its first attempt at an unmanned mission to the red planet could take place as early as 2018.
3. A separate form filled out by another jail employee said the suicide attempt occurred in 2014.
4. We wanted to have a serious attempt to bring in some other information.
5. Police in vehicles drove at them in an attempt to get them to disperse.
6. The change is also an attempt to differentiate the product from other smartwatches.
7. You should not attempt to run this on production systems, the company said on its blog.
8. The smartphone giants are in settlement negotiations in an attempt to head off another trial.
9. It was the third failed rescue attempt of a US hostage in the past six months.
10. The Islamic State has increasingly used social media in an attempt to attract followers.
11. The quality of the next rally attempt is the real question.
12. We see this as an attempt to break down peaceful protests.
13. This was the second launch attempt for the mission.
14. This attempt now appears to be having an impact.
15. The Band is the latest attempt by Microsoft to move technology to the wrist.

[Antonyms]abandon, shun, drop

[Synonyms]try, undertake, seek © 2020  Terms of Use | Home