[Example Sentences]:
1. China and North Korea were both blamed for attacks targeting South Korea in 2013.
2. In all, seven people have been fatally shot and two others wounded in attacks that began March 17.
3. The attacks in Paris took place in 2015.
4. Microsoft is aware of limited, targeted attacks against Internet Explorer 10.
5. Here are five types of attacks that cybersecurity experts say will be cracking computers in 2015.
6. Unfortunately, security experts say the attacks will only continue in 2015.
7. Ukraine suffered two attacks on its network one in March 2015 and another in late 2016.
8. Akamai calculated that attackers using the protocol could amplify their attacks by a factor of 131.
9. By the first quarter of 2016, the average number of attacks had grown to 29.
10. Those attacks increased after 2013.
11. Last year, we saw eight times the number of attacks over 20Gbps when compared to 2012. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home