[Example Sentences]:
1. The new design will likely attach to the end of a robot arm.
2. It also details how employees would attach the packages on drones.
3. You also need to attach your own external hard drive.
4. These devices attach directly to your water main and may require a professional to install.
5. We attach a sensor to you and transmit it to your phone.
6. They buy professional interfaces and the specialized devices that attach to them.
7. The second operation will attach muscle from her leg to the new nerve.
8. The intensity of the fighting reflects the importance that both sides attach to the area.
9. They had a really sophisticated algorithm to attach value to that meta data.
10. Find a boom stand of some kind and attach the mic to it.
11. It can easily attach to a helmet or bike, and can be used as a regular handheld device.
12. Additionally, any application can attach its own information to a file using this mechanism.
13. Tap Mail, and your video will compress and attach to an email message.
14. It helps reduce the number of connectors needed to attach peripherals to computers.
15. You can also attach accessories like a cutting board on top, and the cooler doubles up as a table.

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