[Example Sentences]:
1. An Israeli soldier checks his weapon atop a tank near the border with Gaza July 27,2014.
2. You can also drag tabs atop one another to group them together.
3. I also no longer saw its ads appear atop searches for Apple tech support.
4. As illustrated, the S P has rallied atop its 50-day moving average, currently 1,668.
5. Looking ahead, a close atop this area would mark an early step toward stabilization.
6. Police were on hand, with officers watching from atop a hotel parking garage.
7. On this wider view, the Nasdaq has staged its third consecutive gap atop major resistance.
8. Tokyo sits atop of three different tectonic plates and is especially vulnerable to tremors.
9. How do they stay atop the premium market?
10. As with most integrated dishwashers, you ll find controls set atop the door.
11. Its technical bias points lower pending a sustained break atop resistance.
12. The diagram is then used as an overlay atop the missile photo to determine main component sizes.
13. It displays your device atop a vertical perch while offering charging and syncing capabilities.
14. The fuzzy ears, which have been on sale for about two years, sit atop a headband.
15. Ibrahim works out of an abandoned house atop a hill overlooking the camp. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home