[Example Sentences]:
1. I had been asleep since 11pm.
2. Many of the passengers were asleep and others struggled to find their way in the dark.
3. She had fallen asleep when she was attacked by one of the passengers.
4. It would have been to their advantage to just let him fall asleep, she said.
5. More than one person had been asleep at the wheel long before Bennett arrived.
6. The camera follows her for an instant, then turns to a woman lying as if asleep on the pavement.
7. In some cases, drivers had fallen asleep at the wheel.
8. It really begs the question of whether the FDA is asleep at the wheel.
9. He said Pao embarrassed him by falling asleep during a board meeting.
10. This wakes up the camera, even if your device is asleep and locked.
11. Mr Zuma said on Monday he had found Mr Mandela asleep, but had spoken to his wife and medical teams.
12. Did he fall asleep at the wheel, was he distracted?
13. The other passengers, apparently asleep at the time of the crash, were trapped inside.
14. Done so after waking up in the morning, it can help you fall asleep and wake up earlier.
15. She was laying in her bed sound asleep and then we went to bed and we woke up and she was gone.

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