[Example Sentences]:
1. This app downloads a new piece of artwork every day to set as the background.
2. The new building is more open and the artwork is more accessible as the artists would have liked.
3. Much of the Roman artwork from the site has been lost.
4. Instead of artwork, the Music app shows the name of the album.
5. The artwork and graphics used for their songs are sometimes a mirror image of the originals.
6. Most album artwork downloads from the iTunes Store, but some does not.
7. The artwork is sweet, making it most appropriate for younger elementary school children.
8. From here, users an also personalize playlists with their own artwork and descriptions.
9. She showed her artwork to the jury.
10. So we did artwork on the money.
11. The artwork illustrates how many people choose identical passwords.
12. The opaque market makes it easier for buyers to quickly resell, or flip, an artwork for a profit. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home