[Example Sentences]:
1. He and his family left the area for a few years before returning in the late 1960s.
2. This is an area that will surely see major shifts in 2015.
3. This area is followed by a deeper floor around 18,355.
4. The euro area as a whole is expected to grow by 1.9% this year, up from 1.7%.
5. Online gambling occupied a legal gray area until a federal crackdown in 2011.
6. This area now marks first support, and is followed by a deeper floor around 1,655.
7. The UN declared Srebrenica a safe area for civilians in 1993.
8. Such studies prompted Brown to invest in vegan restaurants in the Washington area in 2006.
9. This area is closely followed by an inflection point at the 2014 peak of 2,093.
10. This area closely matches the 50-day moving average, currently 194.88.
11. Its jobs center lists just 231 openings in the area, which has a population of 284,000.
12. The country agrees to place 30% or more of its forest estate under protected area status by 2020.
13. The specific area spans from the May low of 203.88, to the 50-day moving average, currently 205.60.
14. Most of the students had already left the area and no students were hurt.
15. This area remains an inflection point, matching support more broadly spanning from 19,718 to 19,770. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home