[Example Sentences]:
1. Only seven apps were still vulnerable on iOS 8.2.
2. The apps are being given away through December 26.
3. Here are the apps that will keep them young.8.
4. Windows Store apps are those written specifically for Windows 8.
5. The average price of the top 100 paid apps in the App Store is less than $2.
6. But, using mobile apps, she saved $37.00.
7. That means supporting Windows, web, SaaS and mobile apps everywhere.5.
8. Chrome apps in February 2013.
9. Taken together, this software bundle includes over $200 worth of great Mac apps for just $30.
10. These make working with office apps much easier than it can be without them.
11. Microsoft already is working its search technology into some of its apps and services.
12. The key appears to be having enough apps and a good user experience.
13. There are not a lot of apps that let you do live streaming.
14. These apps are easy to use on mobile devices and most are very well made.
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