[Example Sentences]:
1. All you need is a compatible TV and a digital antenna of some sort.
2. What kind of antenna you need will depend on how far away your broadcast station is.
3. I thought a special antenna was required to receive the new digital HD signals.
4. Just connect it to your TV and antenna and plug in a USB flash drive or hard drive.
5. It assigns an antenna to each user of the service for a personal stream.
6. First I connected an indoor antenna to a living room TV in the middle of the townhouse.
7. The portable antenna connects to a smartphone via a Bluetooth Low Energy link.
8. She added, For me, my antenna always goes up when the story is this compelling.
9. Our safety antenna is going to be up.
10. You connect it to your TV antenna or basic cable, and to your network, but not to your television.
11. The higher up the antenna, the better.
12. The vibrations can be picked up with an AM radio antenna a short distance away.
13. The miniature TV antenna picks up free, mobile broadcast signals.
14. The nanotubes could work as antenna to capture and funnel sunlight onto solar arrays. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home